Hiring a Family Law Attorney When Adopting a Child

Hiring An Immigration Lawyer To Help Resolve Issues Related To Immigration Status

by Jamie Nichols

Immigration law is a very important matter, especially in these current political times. A lot of unpleasant things have happened to people without the right immigration documents. If you and your family immigrated into the country from somewhere else, it is advisable to understand your immigration status and its implications.

In case you are in any type of trouble with the system, it is advisable to hire an immigration lawyer to help you understand and resolve your case. Here are the four main immigration statuses in the country and their implications.

The Undocumented Immigrants

If a member of your family accessed the country through illegal means, you are classified as an undocumented migrant. In such a state, you are not allowed to work in the country. Similarly, you have no access to healthcare, and you may not apply for a driving license. 

Living in such a state can be exhausting because it compromises almost all the essential services which are available to every citizen. Also, in case the law catches up with the undocumented person, they could get deported. It is advisable to hire an immigration lawyer to resolve all these problems.

The Non-Immigrants

A non-immigrant is a person who is in the country temporarily. They could be here as a student, tourist, fiancé, refugee, or someone else with temporary protection. All these people have some rights and freedoms while they are in the country.

However, they are not allowed to own property or overstay the period stated in their visa. If you want to overstay, contact an immigration lawyer to help you legally extend your stay.

The Permanent and Conditional Residents

If you won the green card lottery before coming into the country, you have a permanent resident immigration status. On the other hand, if you brought a spouse into the country, and less than two years have passed, they have the conditional resident immigration status.

In the case of separation during this time, an immigration lawyer can help you secure your immigration status to avoid deportation.

The Citizens

You become a citizen of the United States either by birth or naturalization. Naturalization comes after you have been a permanent resident for more than four years. 

Tests are taken before you achieve the citizen status if you are an immigrant. 

A family immigration lawyer will help you and your family figure out the implications of your status. They will also guide you in dealing with the immigration process and getting you a permanent resident or citizen immigration status.