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Understanding Premises Liability

by Jamie Nichols

If you are hurt while visiting a business, they may be liable for your damages. That means that when you slip down at a grocery store, they may need to pay you for your medical expenses, ruined clothing, lost wages from work, and even pain and suffering. To have a personal injury claim, which the fall in the grocery store would be, you must both have a physical injury and see a doctor about that injury. To find out more about slip and fall accidents based on premises liability and what you need to do to ensure that you are paid, read on.

What Is Premises Liability?

Stores and other businesses are tasked with ensuring that customers are not hurt while on the property. While all shoppers share a responsibility to use care, the store has a greater burden of eliminating hazards and warning customers about potential problems. The way you handle things after being hurt in a store or other business will directly influence how much compensation you are paid and how quickly.

Fill Out an Accident Report

You must let a store manager know about the accident as soon as possible. Details matter when filling out the report so be as accurate as you can be. In some cases, you may be offered a settlement from the store's insurer after an accident. Be sure not to accept any money before understanding the full extent of your damages, which is best done by speaking to a personal injury attorney.

Seek Medical Treatment ASAP

As mentioned above, you must see a doctor after being hurt. Not only do you need to have yourself checked out but you will need to have medical proof of your injury in the store. The medical records are valuable evidence for your claim for not only reimbursement but for the injury itself and all damages that follow.

Don't Talk to the Insurer or Others

You can fill out a report and let the manager know what happened but be as brief as possible. Never speak to an insurance representative without an attorney's support. In addition, don't discuss the accident on social media.

Keep Good Records of Everything

Evidence is very important in slip and fall cases so become aware of some things that might be slipping through your fingers. If you cannot take photos at the scene, return or have a friend return and take photos of the area where the accident occurred asap. For example, if you were hurt by a falling display in a store, try to get a shot of the fallen display and the surrounding area. It may be helpful to jot down as many details as you can as soon as you can, such as the time, date, exact location in the store, and contact information from any witnesses. Don't discard any ruined clothing—put them in a plastic bag.

Finally, you may not realize how much money is owed to you unless you speak to a personal injury attorney. They can negotiate with the insurance company and get you the most possible for your damages.