Hiring a Family Law Attorney When Adopting a Child

Do You Need a Disability Lawyer & Are They Worth It?

by Jamie Nichols

If you have a disability that is keeping you from work, you may be wondering if you'll be able to pay all your bills. It's recommended to get on disability and receive social security, but what if you aren't sure how you can go about the process? Do you need to hire a lawyer? Can you get the social security disability you need without one? Do you have the funds to hire a lawyer, and if so, do you think the expense is worth it? Use this guide to assist you in whether you should get a lawyer or not to help you with your disability needs.

You have never filed for disability before

Have you ever filed for disability before? If you haven't, then you need to make sure you do the paperwork correctly. If you leave in one incorrect piece of information, something is missing, or you don't hit the deadline, then you risk having your disability claim denied. You also have to submit a lot of medical claims and supporting information that can make the process daunting.

You should hire a disability lawyer if you have never filed for this type of service before. You can ensure the paperwork gets submitted correctly and improve your chances of having your claim accepted and processed more quickly.

You have been denied in the past

Have you been denied disability in the past? Many disability claims get denied on their first entry attempts, and if you have had a claim denied in the past, you don't want to risk having this happen to you again. You need to hire a lawyer to go over the denial of your initial disability claim and make changes or add new information as appropriate. This way, your chances of being denied again are less likely to happen.

When you hire a disability lawyer, you spend money on your retainer and often pay your lawyer by the hour. While this seems like a costly expense, keep in mind that you have better chances of getting approved for social security disability with the assistance of an attorney than without one. So, in the end, the costs to get a great lawyer will be worth it by allowing you to have a better chance of securing your financial future. You can do a consult with a lawyer prior to hiring any specialist to help you with your legal needs.