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3 Times When You Could Benefit From Using A Mobile Notary

by Jamie Nichols

When you think about using a notary service to have a document notarized, you might think about traveling to a notary's office to do so. However, there are mobile services out there that you can use. As the name suggests, with a mobile notary like Bills Mobile Notary, a notary will meet you at your location to help you with these services. These are a few situations in which you might want to use the services of a mobile notary.

1. You're Conducting a Business Transaction

Are you going to be conducting some sort of business transaction, such as buying a business from someone? If so, you may need to have your documents notarized. Instead of having to take time out of your busy schedule or require the other person who is involved to do so, you can have a notary meet you at the place where the business is being conducted. Not only can this save both parties a whole lot of time, but it can make you come across as being very professional when you arrive well-prepared and with a notary in tow.

2. You're Unable to Travel

Are you unable to go to a notary's office for some reason or another? For example, if you are disabled but are selling a piece of property or a vehicle, having the notary meet you at your home can be a much better choice. If you are in the hospital or in a nursing home, you may want to sign your will or other similar documents but might not be able to physically go to a notary's office. In these types of situations, hiring a notary who will meet you can be a very helpful thing.

3. You're Selling a Car

Are you buying or selling a car? If so, you might be concerned about meeting with the other party to test drive the vehicle and exchange the cash. In this process, you can speed things up and make sure the sale is legal by bringing along a mobile notary who might meet you wherever the sale is going to be taking place.

As you can see, there are tons of different situations in which using the services of a mobile notary can be a way better choice than meeting a notary at his or her office. If you find a local mobile notary service in your area, you might find that you can benefit from using it even more than you think.