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3 Mistakes You Should Never Make When Fighting A Speeding Ticket

by Jamie Nichols

If you feel that you have unfairly been given a speeding ticket, you don't have to merely accept the conclusion of the police officer without a fight in court. If you decide to fight for your rights against the citation, a great speeding ticket attorney can help you succeed in having your day in court and standing up for the truth of the situation. When the time comes to go to court to fight the speeding citation, make sure that you do not make these three common mistakes in traffic court.

Mistake #1: Forgetting to Show Proper Respect for the Judge

The judge in traffic court likely handles a lot of angry and disgruntled people who do not get their way. Although people may try to hide their disdain for the judge themselves, someone in the position of ruling on these cases has to handle a variety of difficult personalities each week. Always address the judge as "Your Honor" when speaking to them about your situation, and avoid expressing any open disappointment and anger to the judge.

Mistake #2: Lying to Your Attorney and the Court

As irksome as a speeding ticket may be, drivers make the situation much worse for themselves if they lie to their lawyer and the court about what happened. At a time when a lot of cops have dash cams and other high-tech equipment, it can be easier than ever to prove a speeding charge. If you were speeding, don't lie about it. Traffic court is for those who have been wrongly accused. Be straightforward and tell the truth in court no matter how tempting it may be to exaggerate or bend the truth to fit your needs.

Mistake #3: Not Planning Appropriately for the Time Court Requires

Whatever you do, you need to plan your entire day around the court appearance to fight a speeding ticket. Don't risk showing up late, so leave early to compensate for any potential traffic. Your attorney may be able to represent you without a required appearance, but that can depend on the local laws and the situation. Follow your attorney's advice regarding making an appearance and always show up to court early. Also, don't expect to be able to cut out early if your lawyer has not already established that you can.

Finally, keep in mind that nobody is perfect, and sometimes mistakes are made in the distribution of speeding tickets. If you feel that you have been wrongly accused of speeding, it's important to see a speeding ticket attorney who specializes in helping people win cases just like yours. As long as you follow your lawyer's advice and avoid making these common mistakes, you increase your odds of avoiding steep fines that are undeserved. Contact a firm like Campbell Law Group PLLC to learn more.