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Reduce Winter Outdoor Hazards On Your Property

by Jamie Nichols

Winter outdoor hazards are numerous and varied in winter. Knowing how to reduce the number of hazards on your property in winter can prevent accidents and injuries from occurring, which could protect you from lawsuits.

Adjust Exterior Light Timers

If your exterior lights are on a timer, that timer will need to be adjusted because of the early darkness that occurs in winter. Check with local weather reports to find out when sunset is occurring in your community, or just make a point of paying attention as darkness descends on your property one afternoon. Adjust the timers to turn on before darkness falls.

Keep Pathways Clear

Shovel regularly to prevent ice from building up on your walkways. If ice does build up on your walkways, use salt to melt the ice. In very low temperatures, salt will not melt ice. Pay attention to the temperature minimum indicated on your particular type of de-icing salt. If temperatures drop below the minimum, you can either buy a different de-icing salt that will work in lower temperatures, or use coarse sand to provide traction on your walkways.

Knock Down Icicles

Icicles can injure people, and in some circumstances can even cause fatalities. Icicles are at their most dangerous when they are large and falling from many stories, but that doesn't mean that icicles dangling from your first-floor eaves are completely harmless. Stand away from your icicles and use a long-handled broom or a shovel to knock the icicles off of your house. Keep pets and children away as you are doing this. If your icicles are too high to reach safely, you can either contact a roofing company to remove the icicles, or you can simply rope off the area and keep people away until the icicles melt in warmer weather.

As a side note, icicles are often an indication of ice dams occurring on your roof. You can prevent icicles from returning by working with a roofing company to get the problem fixed.

Get Rid of Yard Hazards

Snow can cover up any number of yard hazards that can cause injuries for visitors and family members. Rakes, shovels, gardening hoes and other implements left on the lawn can cause trips and falls. Be sure to put away yard tools before the first snow comes.

Following these tips can make your property more safe for visitors this winter. However, if an accident should occur, you may need to contact a personal injury attorney. He or she can help protect you and your property if you are sued.