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Automobile Accident Facts Every Parent Should Teach Their Newly Licensed Driver

by Jamie Nichols

There are many milestones in the life of your child that can bring about a bit of nervous apprehension, but when they get their driver's license and set out behind the wheel on their own for those first few times, it can leave you a nervous wreck. Even though your teen is likely super excited, they may not realize all of the dangers on the roadway that are making you so nervous. To help your newly-licensed driver understand the seriousness of driving safety, there are a few alarming statistics and facts that you should be sure you share.

The Sheer Volume of Automobile Accident Fatalities Is Crazy High

If there is one statistic that will catch the attention of any driver, it is the fact that more than 32,000 drivers died in automobile crashes in the year 2013 alone. Even scarier for a young new driver to learn, car crashes claim more teenage lives than alcohol, drugs, and violence. Therefore, every time that your teenager climbs behind the wheel of a vehicle, they should understand the great risks that are involved with not being a careful and attentive driver.

Distracted Driving Is a Major Factor in Automobile Crashes by Teens

At least ten percent of teenage drivers who were involved in a automobile crash that had a fatal outcome were reported to have been distracted while they were driving, either because of using their cell phone for talking or texting or otherwise. Even if you are certain your child will not text and drive, teach them about other forms of distraction, such as adjusting the radio, talking to passengers, or even eating or drinking. Additionally, you should teach your teen how to recognize other distracted drivers that they may be sharing the roadway with by how they drive, such as slow reaction times or swerving.

Driving Fast Greatly Increases a Teen Driver's Risk of Having an Accident

Ninety percent of teens asked in one survey reported that either they themselves had been guilty of speeding or they had witnessed other teen drivers speeding while driving. Speeding is one of the biggest contributing factors to auto crashes involving teens, and this is a fact that should be critically stressed to your new driver.

You may not be able to be a permanent fixture in the passenger seat of your teenager's vehicle, but as a parent, you can inject seeds of information into a new driver's mind that may stick to keep them safe. If your teenage driver has been involved in an automobile accident, contact an auto accident attorney at Loughlin Fitzgerald P C or a similar firm.