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Increasing Your Chance At A Disability Claim Acceptance

by Jamie Nichols

Many people who become injured while on the job will file for social security disability benefits so they continue having a source of income to be able to live on. If you had become injured on the job, you will want to take the necessary steps in protecting yourself against social security denial. It is estimated that up to 70 percent of the applications received will be denied. Here are some tips to use to give you a favorable chance at being accepted to receive benefits.

Follow Your Doctor's Orders

As soon as you become injured, see a doctor to get the care you need in healing your condition. If you fail to get help from a medical professional, you will not have documentation backing up your claim that you are injured to the point of not being able to perform job duties. Disability claims are looked at in detail, and any paperwork you have in your possession to back up your claim will be a help in getting accepted. Make sure you tell your doctor to copy you on all pertinent information and keep it on file in case you are denied insurance. At that time, you would be able to appeal the result.

If your doctor requests that you do therapy sessions or take medication to help with your injury healing, do not ignore these requests. If you fail to follow doctor's orders, it will appear as if you are not as hurt as you claim to be, and social security may be denied. 

Limit Your Workload

When filing for social security benefits, you are able to make up to $1,090 a month and still receive monetary compensation to make up for the remainder of your lost wages. This allows someone injured to do light tasks for their employer instead of losing their job completely. If you make more money than this, you will be denied benefits. After you are approved for benefits, this amount may change. You will need to adhere to strict limits regarding the amount of pay you can make.

If you collect unemployment benefits, your social security disability will be lowered or stopped. Ask your state's unemployment office about the limits so you are aware of how much you can work to still collect disability benefits.

Adhere To Time Limits

When you file for disability, there are statutes of limitations in place regarding how long you have to make a claim. As soon as your doctor informs you that you will not be able to return to your job, fill out the application for disability. Waiting too long will make it more likely you will be denied benefits.