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Hiring A Lawyer To Get Paid After An Injury Collision

by Jamie Nichols

Did the life-changing results of a car accident instantly change the direction of your life to a road that you were not prepared to take? For example, were you once able to walk around amusement parks with your family, but your injuries included the loss of a leg? When sorting through the changes made by such an accident, it is important to have access to sufficient funds for your medical needs. However, you deserve more money than what is necessary for treating your injuries, and a lawyer will get you every penny you deserve. Whether you need to file an insurance claim or a lawsuit against the other party, a lawyer knows which steps to take to make the case successful.

Dig Deep into What You Really Deserve

When the other party crashed into your vehicle, you lost more than a limb during that moment. You also lost the ability to walk, jog, and run like you were able to before the accident happened. When someone loses a limb, it could also make it difficult to work most jobs, which impacts the ability to earn an income. You might not know the extent to which you deserve to get paid, but a lawyer does. A lawyer will dig into the depths of your case that you would have never thought to include in your dispute for compensation.

Consider the Case Being Contested

Whether it be the insurance company or the other party, they have the right to contest anything that you say. For example, the other party can claim that you lost a limb because you were driving recklessly and caused the accident. You cannot predict how such a dispute might turn out, even if an accident report shows that the other party caused the collision. In preparation for your claim to be contested, you need a lawyer to be your voice during the process of getting compensated. A lawyer knows how to respond to anything that is said or presented in an attempt to place you at fault for the collision.

Stand Up Against Sneaky Insurance Tactics

If the insurance company knows that you have the right to file a claim, it does not mean that an attempt to use sneaky tactics will not happen. The goal of the insurance company will be to pay as little money as possible to get away with paying. A lawyer is on to such tactics and will make sure you are paid fairly or take the insurance company to court. Even if the insurance company cooperates, a lawyer might still have to go to court to get the remainder of the money that you deserve from the other driver. The insurance company is only legally obligated to pay out money up to the extent to which the policy states.

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