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Why Your Company Needs A Corporate Law Firm

by Jamie Nichols

Whether you are just starting your business or you have decided to incorporate it, it's always a good idea to hire a corporate law firm to help you with the details. You might think that you only need a lawyer to help when you are negotiating contracts or if your business must go to court for some reason. This isn't the case, especially if your business is a corporation.

A corporate law firm can actually help prevent your business from going through litigation and also keeps your company operating within the law. Here are some reasons why your business needs a corporate law firm.

Creating The Framework For Your Corporation

One of the top reasons you should hire a corporate law firm is when you are either starting a business that you have determined will be a corporation, or you are changing your existing business into a corporation. A corporate law firm can help you frame what your corporation will look like.

What this means is, a corporate lawyer can help you decide on how the corporation will run including the direction you want it to take. It can mean drafting the articles of incorporation and outlining the bylaws that the directors and other employees must follow.

A corporate law firm can help you create policies for your business that will help it operate as an entity and not just a business.

Help With Mergers Or Acquisitions

It's possible that you might want or need to merge with another company at some point in time. If this is the case, a corporate law firm can help you research the other company to ensure it's a good idea to merge. They can help draft a proposal for the merge and also negotiate an agreement that is beneficial to your company.

If you want to buy another company and fold it into your own corporation, a corporate law firm can help with acquisitions too. They can advise you on whether buying the entire business is a good idea, or whether you only want to purchase a certain division within the company.

A lawyer can also help with lease agreements to help fold the new company's existing properties or leases into your own as well.

Helping To Find Funding

Corporations need a steady flow of cash to keep operating successfully. In some cases, you may need to find funding to develop a new product or service or to expand the business. A corporate law firm can help you find that funding or venture capital.

They can give you ideas on how to find private funding or public financing options through banks or other investors. They can advise on how to build your business while keeping the costs down.