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The Perks of Filing for Bankruptcy With an Attorney

by Jamie Nichols

One of the biggest challenges of filing for bankruptcy is potentially not knowing the laws involved. Bankruptcy is a serious matter, and you want to have all the tools involved to make a decision. It is important that you have as much information as possible before you make a decision about bankruptcy, but you may be tempted to file without an attorney.

Here are a few benefits of filing for bankruptcy with a legal professional on your side.

Attorneys Help You Decide if Bankruptcy Is the Best Option

One of the biggest challenges people face when they decide to file is determining if bankruptcy is the best course of action. In truth, it is not always the best choice, but without the judgment of a professional, it can be hard to see this. Your attorney will alert you if there are other options in your best interest.

Attorneys Help You Decide Which Bankruptcy to File

There are several different types of bankruptcy you can file, and it is important that you understand which option is best. Your attorney has experience with these matters and knows which chapter suits your needs.

Attorneys Help You Discharge the Correct Debts

Not all debts may be discharged in the bankruptcy process, and it is important that you do not waste time trying to discharge those that the law will not allow for (like student loans). As well as the loans and debts that are discharged, you also need guidance on which property you will be able to keep. This is part of the decision-making process that many people are unaware of.

Attorneys Let You Know What the Future Entails

The future is different after bankruptcy. For many people, the freedom of being debt-free is part of the relief. Of course, bankruptcy still has a lot to do with the kind of future you may have. For example, you may not be able to take on new loans for several years, which involves buying a new house.

Attorneys File Paperwork With Accuracy

The biggest struggle in any type of legal matter is filing paperwork accurately and on time. An attorney ensures that everything is filed when it should be and as it should be, saving you from potential delays.

Call a Bankruptcy Attorney Today

Now is a good time to contact a bankruptcy attorney. A bankruptcy attorney can help you through the next steps so that you can set your future up for success.

If you have questions about filing for bankruptcy, reach out to a law firm, such as Brian R. Cahn & Associates, LLC.