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A Look At The 4 Typical Contexts From Which Toxic Tort Cases Usually Arise

by Jamie Nichols

Toxic tort is a unique sect of the personal injury legal arena. The phrase toxic tort is used in reference to injury caused by exposure to some kind of toxic agent. Chemicals and toxins surround people in everyday situations, but sometimes, exposure is completely unexpected and happens without warning. When exposure leads to injuries and damages for the individual, a toxic tort case is born and personal injury attorneys step in to help. Here is a look at the four typical contexts from which toxic tort cases usually arise. 

Toxic Exposure To Something in a Dwelling 

Toxic exposure inside a dwelling can mean exposure:

  • In a home or property, such as a rented apartment or hotel room or newly purchased home 
  • In a place of business, such as a restaurant or retail shopping center 
  • In a public facility, such as a school, church, or library 

There are several examples of toxic exposure in a dwelling that are common in personal injury claims. However, perhaps one of the most common is claims due to mold exposure. For instance, if you rent a hotel room for an extended stay and get sick because the property is covered in toxic mold, you may have a toxic tort case. 

Toxic Exposure in the Workplace or Due to an Occupation 

Toxic exposure to something dangerous in the workplace or due to occupation can be another common context for these cases. For instance, many individuals have filed lawsuits due to exposure to asbestos in the workplace because of the ill effects of being exposed that showed up later in life. 

Toxic Exposure from a Consumer Product 

When you buy products at the store or online, you automatically assume that the product is safe to use. However, there are some consumer products that can cause dangerous exposure to toxic chemicals that could cause you an injury. For example, you could use a weed killer consistently and later find out that it causes a type of cancer that you just happen to have. In such a situation, it is best to seek out a personal injury attorney for advice. 

Toxic Exposure Caused by a Pharmaceutical Drug 

Pharmaceuticals are well-known to contain chemicals, but there are some drugs that are prescribed before they are thoroughly and adequately tested. Unfortunately, this often leads to toxic tort claims and a need for a personal injury lawyer. For example, if you have taken a prescription medication for high blood pressure, and later you develop a kidney disease related to exposure to one of the chemical ingredients, you have a toxic tort case.