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Brain Injuries & Seeking Compensation

by Jamie Nichols

Brain injuries can pose a significant problem for many people who are involved in serious injuries. Unfortunately, these injuries can cause permanent disability or even death. Even in cases that are not extremely serious, brain injuries can have a major impact on your life, leaving you with serious complications in some cases.

It is not easy to deal with these injuries.

Who Can Pursue a Case After a Brain Injury?

After a traumatic brain injury, you may pursue a case if you have injuries that you believe you deserve compensation for. In some cases, you may find that your loved one is injured and not able to make their own decisions regarding their health or a legal case. This means that you may have to sue somebody on your loved one's behalf.

What Types of Brain Injuries Can You Pursue a Case For?

There are many types of brain injuries one can experience. Many are serious and can lead to decreased functioning for the rest of one's life. Any of these injuries may involve a court case so long as they involve the negligence of one party toward another.

Blows to the head, or concussions, are very common. These injuries can happen in a fight or during a slip and fall, for instance. Take into account, for example, a penetrating brain injury. These are the types of injuries that often result from weapons that enter the brain cavity, causing damage. This can happen during an assault or physical fight. Then, there are injuries caused by shifting the body. One very common example of this kind of injury is known as whiplash. A whiplash injury is very common in car accidents and theme park accidents, for instance.

Negligence is an important part of the equation here. Brain injuries that result from falls, accidents, assaults, and other accidents caused by one individual or a group can lead to personal injury lawsuits.

Next, you must also be able to prove that you have suffered damages because of the brain injury. If you have hefty medical bills, you have evidence that your injury led to some serious damage.

What Can You Do?

Your next step is to consult with a personal injury attorney. These attorneys know how to handle all types of cases, including those that involve brain injuries that leave you with debilitating injuries and disabilities. You have nothing to risk and perhaps a lot to gain. Call an attorney today.