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Ways To Calculate Damages When You're Preparing A Suit Based On A Bad Home Inspection

by Jamie Nichols

One of the reasons that you may wish to hire a real estate attorney is to file a suit against a home inspector who missed something critical during a home inspection that occurred before you bought a house. Most issues turn up during inspections, but it's possible for an inspector to miss something important — and that can leave you facing some bills. For your suit to be successful, you'll not only need to prove that the inspector was negligent, but you'll also have to have a reasonable demand when it comes to the damages that you're requesting. Here are some ways to calculate how much to ask for.

Get Some Quotes 

You should get some quotes from professional contractors to determine how much the issue in question will take to repair. Whether it's a roof problem, a window problem, or something completely different, authoritative quotes from licensed professionals will add validity to the amount that you're asking for. Getting multiple quotes is always advantageous. This strategy allows you to pick a quote that is in the middle of the road financially. Otherwise, the defendant's attorneys might suggest that you're basing your number off a quote that is too high.

Calculate Your Expenses

It's possible that you've had to incur some expenses in the interim as you dealt with the problem, and you'll want to be properly compensated for them. Keep receipts for every expense related to the issue, regardless of whether you've hired someone to perform a stop-gap measure or you've bought products to partially address the problem yourself. For example, if a window problem led to a flooded basement, you should have expenses of any tools or equipment that you used to deal with the water.

Consider Your Other Costs

Dealing with a major problem in your home isn't only costly because of its associated repair expenses. You must also think about the other ways in which the issue has cost you. Perhaps you had to take a day or two off work when you noticed the issue, as it required your immediate attention. You should then factor in your daily earnings from work and include this information in your demand letter. Your real estate attorney will evaluate your miscellaneous expenses that have resulted from the problem in your home and build a case around them. Ideally, the defendant will settle quickly, allowing you to move forward with your life and your new home.