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3 Reasons To Hire A Civil Rights Lawyer As A Muslim

by Jamie Nichols

There are many groups of people who can be treated unfairly in the United States, but over the last decade, Muslims have been perhaps targeted more than any other group. In a survey performed by Pew Research and covered by The Atlantic, 75 percent of Muslims asked said they had experienced some form of discrimination. Unfortunately, a lot of Muslims will not seek legal help for these instances of improper treatment, but they really should talk to an attorney. Take a look at three reasons you may have to hire civil rights attorney services as a Muslim living in America. 

1. You were unfairly targeted as a threat to public transportation. 

Muslims are frequently the target of intrusive security checks before a flight at a national airport, so much so that there have been write-ups about this problem on high-standing sites like The New York Times. The problem is not limited to only flights, however. Similar situations can arise when you try to ride on a public transit system like the subway or a city bus. If you feel you have been unfairly targeted, it is always a good idea to talk to a civil rights attorney for advice about the situation.

2. You were denied service at a public establishment. 

Maybe you went to a restaurant with your family or tried to shop at a certain store. Perhaps, you were stopping in at a jewelry store, and the shop owner locked the door when they saw you heading for their door. Unfortunately, these situations happen frequently, but that does not mean this behavior is okay. People who own these businesses are infringing on your basic rights as a human, and they should be held accountable for their actions. 

3. You were denied housing when seeking a place to live. 

There are laws protecting tenants who are trying to find a place to live in any certain area. Landlords are not allowed to deny you a place to live simply because of your ethnicity or religion. In many cases, it is hard to prove that the reason you did not get to rent a place was that you are Muslim, but you should never let these instances go unnoticed. Reach out to a civil rights attorney, explain to them what has happened, and there could be a way for you to bring up a suit against the person who did not treat you fairly.