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Arrested For Prostitution? Here Are Some Things To Consider

by Jamie Nichols

Whether you had a moment of weakness and arranged to pay money for sex or you're a frequent user of prostitutes' services, you may find yourself facing a misdemeanor charge for this behavior. While there are some defenses to this charge that you and your attorney can explore, you should also accept that the evidence against you might be strong. For example, if you approached an undercover police officer and offered money for sex, it will be difficult for your attorney to build a case to get your charges dropped. Instead, you may wish to think about pleading guilty and accepting your punishment — which is apt to be minor for a first-time offender. You should also consider these details, which may keep you from making a similar mistake in the future.

Many Prostitutes Are Working Against Their Will

It can be easy (and convenient) to romanticize the idea of prostitution. You might tell yourself that the women you see are college students who enjoy sex and are earning money for tuition. This scenario is rarely the case, however. Many women who work as prostitutes are doing so against their will, and are surrendering some or all of the money that they earn to their traffickers. Many of these women are victims of violence and are afraid to leave this life. Understanding this idea may make you less keen on frequenting prostitutes in the future — and thus less likely to end up facing a charge.

Drug Abuse Is Common

It's also common for prostitutes to abuse illegal drugs. Many women turn to this type of work in order to support their drug habit. The idea of your money going to pay for drugs that will harm and perhaps even kill the woman in time may be a difficult reality for you to accept. If you're someone who has deemed prostitution to be a victimless crime between consenting adults, it's important to realize that these women's drug addictions do indeed make them victims.

This Behavior Is Unsafe

If you've been arrested for frequenting a prostitute, it might be the best thing that happens to you. Being a part of this seedy part of society can be unsafe for you in a variety of ways. For example, you could contract a sexually transmitted disease and perhaps even pass it along to current or future romantic partners. There's also a chance that you could be robbed. Many criminals will look to rob prostitution "johns" because they're unlikely to go to the police. Such a robbery could not only cost you your money, but could also leave you injured.

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