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Take Action For A Misdiagnosis

by Jamie Nichols

Physicians must undergo a high level of training in order to achieve their certification and license requirements. For this reason, patients often put their full confidence into their providers. Sometimes this confidence results in a tragedy. If you or a loved one have been impacted by a failed diagnosis, you do have options.

Failed Diagnosis

In order to determine if you can move forward with a medical malpractice claim, you first need to determine what a failed diagnosis is. While an incorrect diagnosis can come in the form of a serious medical concern, such as failing to diagnose someone with cancer, a failed diagnosis can surface in other ways. 

For example, if a physician makes a diagnosis of the flu when in reality the patient has a dangerous case of a staph infection, this is a problem. The main point to understand is that the severity of the misdiagnosis does not matter: if you have been impacted by an error on the part of your doctor, you may be entitled to legal action. 

Long-Term Harm

A failed diagnosis is always a tragedy, but in situations where the missteps of the provider leave the patient with long-term care needs, the effects of the negligence can be devastating. If you were misdiagnosed and, as a result, your disease progressed and you now require long-term care, a medical malpractice suit can help you recover expenses for ongoing medical care and treatment.

If you had to miss time from work as a result of the failed diagnosis, a malpractice suit can help you recover your lost wages as well. While nothing can make you entirely whole again, a medical malpractice suit can help you take a step in that direction.

An Attorney Can Help

When it comes to medical malpractices suits, the facts matter. Physicians and medical centers don't just face high costs when a patient wins a claim, but it can damage their reputation and their licensing as well. For this reason, the attorneys that represent these organizations will work hard to disprove your claim.

You need an attorney on your side that is equally versed and willing to make a commitment to fight on your behalf. An attorney will collect health records and other necessary documents to help prove your malpractice claim.

If you were misdiagnosed by your doctor, now is the time to speak up and have your voice heard. Speak with an attorney to find out if you can file a medical malpractice suit for your damages. Professionals like Shaevitz Shaevitz & Kotzamanis can offer more information.