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3 Small Pieces of Evidence Often Overlooked In Car Accident Cases

by Jamie Nichols

You can be going about your daily business, driving as safely as possible, and out of nowhere your life can be changed for the worse because of a car accident. Unfortunately, good drivers are involved in auto accidents all the time through no fault of their own, and it is not uncommon for these good drivers to have to seek a car accident lawyer for help getting fair compensation. In these cases, every last tidbit of evidence is used to prove the other driver was at fault, so you really do have to be vigilant about collecting the smallest details. Here are three small pieces of evidence often overlooked in car accident cases:

Tire Marks

Tire marks on the roadway say a lot about an accident. Just by examining tire marks on the roadway after an accident, experts can determine things like:

  • How fast a vehicle was traveling
  • Whether or not the driver tried to stop their vehicle
  • If they tried to steer the vehicle in a different direction

If there are any tire marks after an accident, make sure you grab your phone and snap a few pictures of them from different angles. 

Scattered Car Parts

It is not uncommon for parts of both vehicles to dislodge, break, or shatter during an accident. These pieces can project several feet from where the accident occurred, and you may think it is not really all that significant to your case. However, things like the direction that pieces of shattered glass were projected, or where your bumper was laying, can be incredibly telling about the incident. Snap pictures of debris in its position if you can; if not, have a witness jot down a list of the debris, which car it came from, and where it was located, just in case you need that extra evidence in court. 

Air Bag Activation

If the airbags in your vehicle were activated during the crash, make sure the insurance adjuster makes note of this when they do an assessment. Air bags will only activate when the car is hit in a certain way or when a car is hit hard enough. Make a note for yourself which airbags were deployed during the accident, in case this information is left off of your insurance assessment; it will be important information to know during your claim. 

In the end, the smallest details about the collision can be the determining factors in an auto accident lawsuit. Reach out to a car accident lawyer for more advice about important evidence for your case.