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When You Remarry Your Ex

by Jamie Nichols

Divorce is incredibly difficult for just about anyone, so moving on can take years and lots of healing. Surprisingly, some people choose to move on with their exes, remarrying them at least once after divorcing them. Although some of these couples go on to have successful and long lasting second marriages with each other, there are dangers in this arrangement. Before you remarry an ex, you need to address numerous issues.

Emotional Baggage

When you reunite with an ex, the original loving feelings you had the first time around may be particularly strong. If you have been apart for some time, the reasons you divorced may have faded a bit. You can be certain that those issues are still there, however. If you are serious about reuniting for the long term, getting counseling is a must. As one couple joked, you can call it either "pre-marital" or "post-marital" counseling if you wish, but you need to schedule those sessions. Assuming that time heals all wounds is a great way to set up your second divorce from each other. Although only a small percentage of people actually remarry a previous spouse, statistics show that 72% of these couples stay together the second time. So there is reason to hope.

Legal Issues

Although your goal is to make it work this time, you should still check in with your divorce lawyer. They can advise you on any legal issues that might remain from your divorce or divorces if either of you remarried in the interim. If you have been apart for some time, there may be several ex-spouses and children to consider. The financial issues can be complex. A good attorney can also help you draft a prenuptial agreement that will protect you in case your remarriage does not last. In short, you should have faith that you and your ex will make things work this time while still taking sensible precautions. "Trust but prepare" should be your motto.

You should not feel foolish if you ultimately decide to remarry an ex-spouse. After all, something attracted you to them in the first place. You do need to be very cautious, however, both emotionally and legally. Find a good counselor for the emotional work, but see an attorney about ironing out all possible legal issues. Then embark on your second marital journey together secure in the knowledge that you are doing things right this time. For more information, contact local professionals like Law Office of Emily T. Ross.