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3 Questions to Consider When Deciding on a Real-Estate Attorney

by Jamie Nichols

Buying a house is going to be one of the largest financial decisions you will likely make in your lifetime. There are a number of steps to go through in order to complete such a large transaction, many of which can be very overwhelming for new home buyers. You may be curious if you should utilize the expertise of a real-estate attorney. The following are some things to ask yourself when making a decision to move forward with hiring an attorney for your home purchase.

How Well Can You Negotiate?

One of the first things to consider is your negotiating skills. How comfortable are you when it comes time to negotiate different points in the sale? Price, disclosure items, and other contract issues will be only a few items that will need to be negotiated during the purchasing process. You will need to completely understand what your rights are when it comes to the details of the contract that will require your signature. If you are not fully comfortable negotiating terms, an attorney can be beneficial.

Are You Buying a Foreclosure?

Another time when you may want to hire a real-estate attorney is if you are purchasing a foreclosure. This process can be somewhat different than a traditional home purchase. While you can ideally get a better price on a foreclosure, the process can be somewhat complicated for the inexperienced home buyer. In addition to the steps of a traditional purchase, there will be additional paperwork that will need to be closely scrutinized. An attorney can help ensure your paperwork is processed properly so that your sale can move forward. The attorney will also provide his or her expertise with regard to inspections outside of the scope of what is required to ensure the home is in proper condition for purchase.

Can You Spot Potential Compromises That Will Prohibit the Sale?

Other things you will need to mindful of are things that can cause the sale to fall through. One of the main issues with home sales is issues with the seller's mortgage. Any liens or liabilities attached to the mortgage can cause your sale to be delayed or to not work out altogether. An attorney can help you navigate these issues and work with the seller's agent to protect your interests in the transaction by verifying the title and reviewing the chain of ownership.

Hiring a real-estate attorney can be very beneficial to all home purchases, but is especially ideal for any purchase that may be unorthodox. He or she will help you facilitate as smooth a transaction as possible to help you get into your new home.