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Important Facts About Your Personal Injury Attorney And Drug Recalls

by Jamie Nichols

If you suffer from a chronic condition like high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes, you probably take medication to control it. By doing so, you are placing your trust in both the prescribing physician and the drug manufacturer. Unfortunately, in recent years, there have been several recalls of prescriptions by the FDA (Food And Drug Administration), due to newly discovered side effects.

As a result, personal injury cases and class-action lawsuits involving large groups of impacted patients have occurred. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you end up with one of those cases.

It's Easy To Win When You Have Proof Of The Illness, So Is A Lawyer Always Necessary?

A common misconception that many injured people and their loved ones often share is that if you have proof of an illness or health challenge caused by a medication, that it will be easier to win a lawsuit. The truth is that any lawsuit is challenging and drug recalls are often more so. 

As a result, even when evidence proves the problem happened, a successful lawsuit can take years. That means that if you are considering filing your case without legal representation, you are likely to be overwhelmed by the complexities of this type of suit. Therefore, it is crucial to work with an experienced personal injury attorney.  

What If Problems Have Not Occurred Yet?

It is important to remember that the problems caused by some medications have been found to be so severe that it is not a matter of if they will eventually make you sick, but when. In that case, it is frequently necessary to speak with a lawyer, so that when your health changes, you have the means to seek medical care. 

If you have any doubt as to whether or not you might be eligible for compensation due to a recalled drug, it is best to seek legal advice. No financial settlement can give you peace of mind or your health back, but your attorney can help you get justice from the drug manufacturer who hurt you and so many others.

What Should You Expect As The Lawsuit Progresses? 

Although the entire lawsuit process can take some time, your personal injury attorney may also be working with other patients experiencing a similar problem to your own, in order to have a class action lawsuit. In that instance, it is crucial to be sure that your lawyer has explained the process and you know what to expect. You will usually be required to submit proof of the original condition and that you were both prescribed and used the medication in question.  

In conclusion, if your trust was misplaced and your health could be at risk due to a prescribed medication, you may be eligible for compensation from those who wronged you. However, that option is often time-sensitive, so do not waste any more time before consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney.